Controls Meeting 30-Jun-2011

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  • Minutes from previous meeting 16-Jun-2011
  • Should we move this meeting and/or combine it with coil test meeting?
  • Solenoid controls in the hall - Josh, Elliott
  • Strategy for use of PLC vs IOC vs mixed system - Elliott
    • what criteria push us one way or the other?
    • E.g: gas system, CAN system, FDC cooling, target, magnets, goniometer, HV/LV channels, crate control, etc.
  • Controls test stand, BOY, etc. - Hovanes
  • Mantis task tracker - we are using this for Controls
  • AOT


9:30 AM Thurs 30-Jun-2011 CC F326


Next Meeting

Thurs 14-Jul-2011 9:30am CC F326


Attendees: Elliott W, Scot S, Mark I, Beni Z, Josh B, Mark S, Yi Q.

Solenoid Controls in the Hall

  • We decided to go to a Ethernet only system (EN2T only) and skip ControlNet.
    • greater configuration flexibility.
    • eliminates possible need for running copper ControlNet cable from the hall to the counting house.
      • Fernando very much wants to minimize such copper connections as they potentially can introduce noise into the electronics.
    • cheaper to implement redundant PLC system.
  • Josh ordered a "sequence of events" module to help with debugging trips.
    • will test this and many other things in the controls test stand
    • do we want to monitor circuit breakers?

IOC vs PLC vs Mixed System

Much discussion on relative merits of the various systems. Concerns:

  • cost: PC104, etc
  • what hardware is needed
  • development software costs: time, manpower, licenses
  • complexity
  • obsolescence
  • many other issues...


We are using the Mantis system for task tracking. Everyone needs to log on and register as a new user if you haven't done so already.