Controls Meeting 6-Mar-2014

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9:30AM Thurs 6-Mar-2014 CC A110


UPS for Solenoid

  • Dave's estimate is that we need a 20 Amps 120 VAC circuit for the solenoid controls racks.
  • Solenoid controls need 15 minutes time to park into the safe condition. What power solenoid controls will require for those 15 minutes still need to be determined.
  • Although Dave included the cryotarget PLc controls requirement in his spreadsheet, the power for the equipment from the JLab target group has not been taken into account. Dave will need to talk to the target group to find out what else is needed in terms of UPS power for the target.
  • The information about U1-5 rack in Dave spreadsheet needs to move near where the gas panel is on the upstream platform since currently there no PLC in U1-5 and there are no plans. Hovanes will need to move it in his PDF file as well.
  • Elton pointed out that motors in the hall need to be on UPS as well to be able to park them in the safe position when power is lost. The current plan includes it, according to Hovanes.

FCAL pulser

  • Orlando presented his work on control screens for the FCAL pulse.
  • CSS GUIs are ready to control the bias, power, pulsing and trigger synchronization of the pulser.
  • Some error messages show up on the console that Orlando would like to debug before putting them into SVN.
  • Elton suggested that Orlando show the GUIs to Indiana group for feedback.
  • Elton also suggested to have a general convention for ALL controls screen what the message on a control button says. His suggestion is that the message should describes the action that pushing the button will lead to rather than the status of what quantity the button is linked to.
  • Orlando will start working on the pulser control of the BCAL, which should be similar to FCAL pulser control.

FDC MPOD interlock status

  • Dave got a description of the FDC chiller output from the manufacturer. He used a 24V output to control a relay which controls the 5V that goes to the 9-pin DSUB connector on the MPOD controller.
  • The FDC power interlock system is currently installed and operational.
  • Hovanes and Beni pointed out that the MPOD controller will need to be configured for this interlock to be functional. Otherwise, the default configuration of the controller will ignore the absence of 5V on the DSUB connector and will not shut down the voltages. This would need to be included into MPOD swapping procedure.
  • Dave is working on the BCAL power supply and chiller interlock. He is expecting the parts required for the interlock to arrive sometime soon.

Action Items

  • Dave will estimate how much power solenoid controls require during the 15 minutes after the power goes away.
  • Dave will talk to target people find out what their equipment need in terms of UPS and send an e-mail to the mailing list.
  • Orlando will check in the GUIs and scripts for the FCAL pulser into SVN and show them to Indiana group.