DAQ Tasks for Spring 2015 Commissioning Run

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  1. Minimum requirement for ST event with good timing:
    • ADC
    • TDC
    • Matched particle track
  2. Thresholds:
    1. Scalers:
      • Study Scalers with common threshold settings
      1. TDC:
        • Individual & common threshold settings
        • Control thresholds via GUI Interface
      2. ADC:
        • Individual & common threshold settings
        • Control thresholds via GUI Interface
      • If ADC or TDC work with common threshold all gains need to be matched to assure uniform discrimination
  3. Flash ADCs Pedestals:
    1. Automatic procedure for measuring pedestals
      • On-demand when DAQ idle
      • As part of special pedestal trigger
      • As a part of regular data taking
    2. System for storing results in a database
    3. System for tracking changes over time
    4. Semi-automatic procedure for setting pedestals
    5. Make available for download after approval
  4. ST Channels
    1. Develop gain matching procedure
    2. Develop threshold setting procedure
    3. Do a threshold curve for gain matched system
  5. Bias Voltage
    1. System for storing current values in a database (currently stored in EPICS (?), connection to CCDB?)
      1. Start with FIU bench-measurement values
      2. Measuring relative gains of SiPM as a function of bias voltage:
        • Use tracking & PID to select minimum ionizing & attenuation correction
        • Measure pedestal dependence on Bias Voltage
      3. System for gain matching for SiPM:
        • Bias voltage settable for individual detectors
        • Develop gain matching procedure using bias voltage:
          • Select common criteria for event selection (position, partilce type, momentum)
            • Minimum ionizing
            • Use mode 8 data sample data regularly
            • Develop algorithm for determining new bias values
  6. Scalers
    1. Rates need to be in agreement with TDC/ADC rates
    2. Stand-alone GUI for reading values (exists already anything new needed?)
  7. Measure discriminator threshold with flash & w/o flash
    1. Align flash, TDC and scaler rates
    2. If all devices have common threshold the gain needs to be adjusted to align all
    3. Check thresholds with flash wave form data
  8. SiPM monitoring
    1. Design procedure for estimating photo-electrons per MeV (PID & tracking needed)
    2. System for storing results in a database
  9. Efficiency Monitoring
    1. Time resolution: monitor time resolution (internal time differences between detectors)
    2. Energy resolution: monitor standard dedx data
    3. Signal attenuation: determine attenuation parameters. Monitor parameter variation as a function of time/rate
    4. Efficiency: determine efficiency using tracking formation.
    5. System for storing time resolution, attenuation parameters and efficiency parameters in CCCDB
  10. Timing calibration
    1. Time-walk calibration: develop automatic procedure, monitor parameters
    2. Signal shape characterization: regular sampling of signal shapes
  11. Run preparations
    1. Establish standard procedure for data taking
    2. Update online monitoring system
    3. Review existing histograms
    4. Suggest additions
  12. Procedure during experiment
    1. Assess ST status: rates, efficiencies
    2. Alarm handler: prepare actions according to various alarm handler events