EPICS archiving with MYA

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  • Accelerator division at Jefferson Lab developed and currently maintains a MySQL-based EPICS archiving system called MYA. Hall D controls group will use this system to archive the EPICS variables.
  • The accelerator division is also developing a Backup/Restore framework based on the MYA archiver which should allow us to tag sets of values for Hall D EPICS in MYA PVs and restore these values from the archived values.
    • Not ready for us to use.

  • MYA has a well documented C++ API that should allow the offline analysis software to retrieve the archive values and store them into a conditions database.
  • There are command-line tools, like myget, that allow to work with MYA archiver, for instance to get values for particular variable in a specific time-span.
    • Currently installed on gluon01 and ops-machines only. It will be available on the gluon-cluster.

  • MYA also has a graphical tool MyaViewer to display variable being archived in MYA.
    • Currently no interface is available between MYA and CSS BOY, but we can pop up MyaViewer.
    • Currently installed on gluon01 and ops-machines (like opsl00) only. It will be available on the gluon-cluster.
    • Figure 1 shows a screenshot of MyaViewer with some BCAL temperature history plotted.

Figure 1. History of BCAL temperature shown in MyaViewr.

  • So far requested MYA archiving for some BCAL temperature, BCAM VME fan-tray parameters and FCAL dark room parameters:

  • To give the accelerator division capability to archive Hall D variable we gave them access to our controls network.
    • They can also modify our PVs (most likely inadvertently)
    • We need to implement ChannelAccess Security for Hall D PVs and IOCs to control what accelerator can modify.
      protection is based on hostname and username that attempts to read or write EPICS PVs via ChannelAccess.