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This is the email you get after registering with ESNET.

From: ECS Admin <>
Subject: ECS H.323 Equipment Registration Approved
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 14:09:38 -0700 (PDT)

Your H.323 equipment has been approved for using ESnet resources

Here is the information needed for using H.323 at ESnet:

1. The Gatekeeper address is:
2. Your E.164 number is: 202166
3. Your H.323 alias is (choose one):

	a. Small Video/Tele Conference Room
	b. Zisis202166
	c. Papandreou202166

!! NOTE !! You need to use unique numbers and names for each system you

Please enter the above information in your H.323 client

For help go to:

For troublehooting help go to:

IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: NetMeeting, CU-SeeMe, and Smith Micro are NOT supported on

Using them may cause serious disruptions to a scheduled meeting


This is the information you sent us, for your records:

First Name:				Zisis
Middle Initial:			Z
Last Name:				Papandreou
Organization:			JLAB-Jefferson Labs
Scheduler Login:

Time Zone of Equip:		GMT-7 MST-Mountain (Canada, USA, Mexico - Baja South)
Manufacturer:			PolyCom
Type:					Set-Top
Usage:				Conference Room

Desired Connection Speed:	384kbps

Location or Name 1:		Small Video/Tele Conference Room
Location or Name 2:		Laptop, data projector
ISDN Number:			
Telephone Number:			(306) 585-4204

Primary Contact:			Zisis	Papandreou
Telephone:				(306) 585-5379

Secondary Contact:		Mauricio	Barbi
Telephone:				(306) 585-4260
Scheduled or Ad-Hoc: 				both
AUP:					AUP agreed to