Email sent by David on April 13, 2012

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The following was sent by David L. to Rolf with many others CC'd

Hi Rolf,

  At the meeting earlier this week you asked that we send you our plans for the number
and lengths of talks for the Software Review. We had a meeting this morning and decided
on the following plan:

Morning session: 2 talks with roughly equal time. Curtis giving the first, setting up a
broad introduction to GlueX. Mark Ito will give the second were some details on numbers
will be given as Glenn described at the April 10th meeting.

Afternoon session: 1 talk given by me. The plan is to prepare ~40 minutes worth of slides
that include more technical details. Since the reviewers will have them ahead of time, they
can always stop me and ask me to jump ahead to things they wish to discuss in more depth.