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Disc available from ifarms (ssh ifarml64)

  • bcal_beam.cc bcal_beam.h
Analyzer. Reads an evio data file and creates a root file.
Have to be compiled with the evio libs
  • raw_check.C
Opens the root file and plots some data quality histograms

Compile & Run

  • Copy /group/halld/Subsystems/trigger/bcal_beam
  • Copy /group/halld/Subsystems/trigger/coda
  • Environment variables /group/halld/Subsystems/trigger/set_env
(source set_env)
  • make (in bcal_beam dir)
  • bcal_beam file_name.evt.0
file_name.root will be created
  • To analyze root file:
.x raw_check.C


  • Some plots from the event analyzer. A 'typical' example of a cosmics event triggered with a small scintillator (cosmics particles come from the left).

FADC readout: RAW window mode (100 samples)


1. FADC pulses: 16 channels on the downstream side (FADC1), 16 channels on the upstream side (FADC2). X axis - samples, Y - fadc amplitude

2. TDC hits (time): 12 channels (downstream) + 12 channels (upstream)

4+4=8 hits in 2 FADCs and 4+4=8 hits in the TDC (on both sides of the BCAL)