FA125 Update April 14, 2015

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No meeting, but a progress report from Cody

Status Update:

1. All modes are now operational in simulation, including raw modes and combo-modes. 

2. The peak amplitude and peak time (in samples) for the FDC format is no longer
limited to 4 peaks. The data are now stored in a 512 deep FIFO and are represented
in the format by repeating 'Word 2' for up to the specified number of peaks. 

3. In the process of adding VME register values for configuration parameters. Next
week may be a good time for a meeting to verify parameter usage. 

Work remaining:

1. Complete configuration parameters.

2. Re-work back-end to handle VME tags.

3. Make timing on front-end chips. 

4. Testing. Including bug checks from current version (block count, buffer level bug).

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