FDC Test

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Requirements and Schedules

DAQ for CDC and FDC

  • The readout code for the FDC and CDC are located on the hdcdcops account in DAQ/daq_dev_vers/daq/vme/src/rol_cdc and there are 4 readout lists necessary for the TS crate, the ADC crates, the special TDC crate and the normal TDC crates. The name of these readout lists are:
    • ts_list_cdcandfdc.c TS readout if FDC and CDC are readout together
    • ts_list_cdconly.c TS readout list if CDC only is read out
    • vme_list.c readout list for the ADCs
    • vme_list_tdc.c readout list for the TDC crates
    • vme_list_tdc_special.c readout list for the special TDC crates ROCFDC1
    • ccdb_code.cc code to access the data base for parameters
  • The readout code requires the fa125 library which has not yet been installed in the HDOPS account. In addition it requires another library ccdb_code.so the provides the access to the ccdb_online data base. For this purpose the ccdb software needs to be installed and the proper environment variables set:
    • setenv CCDB_HOME /home/hdcdcops/ccdb/trunk/ccdb
    • setenv CCDB_CONNECTION mysql://ccdb_online@gluondb1/ccdb_online
    • source $CCDB_HOME/environment.csh
  • Database tables for XXX = FDC or CDC:
    • XXX/crate_setup : Contains a list of all ROC with the number of modules and what the starting slot is
    • XXX/baseline : Contains what the basic target baseline should be, the baseline factor and the sparcification factor (used in ccdb_code.c)
    • XXX/readout_config : Contains the configuration of the ADC readout, currently readout-mode, Latency, Windowsize, NSB, NSA and NP
    • XXX/dac_values: contains for all ROCs, modules and channels the DAC value, the measured baseline the pedestal width
  • Determine the DAC values for the base line
    • The scripts to run the code to determine the DAC values and write them to the data base can be found in /gluonfs1/home/hdcdcops/scripts/SetDAC. To verify what happened on the ROCs during this procedure you can check the log files located in /gluonfs1/home/hdcdcops/code/readout/log. The actual code is in /gluonfs1/home/hdcdcops/code/readout the source file is called adcadjustpedwithsearch.cc