FDC tilt/alignment update

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  • Generated π- tracks using particle gun: 1-11 degrees
    • Tilted FDC by θx=-0.0275 degrees, θy=0.0265 degrees
  • Modified HDGEOMETRY/DGeometry.cc to read gobal position and rotation angles for FDC from XML
  • Reconstructed events with nominal geometry (no tilt in XML)(red) and modified geometry with tilt (dark blue)
  • Position pulls:

X comp.png Y comp.png Z comp.png

  • Momentum pulls:

Px comp.png Py comp.png Pz comp.png

  • Kinematic fit of simulate ρ events generated with above FDC tilt
    • Reconstruction using nominal geometry (no tilt)

Pim pulls tilt def.png Pip pulls tilt def.png Proton pulls tilt def.png

    • Reconstruction using XML for tilted geometry

Pim pulls tilt fixed.png Pip pulls tilt fixed.png Proton pulls tilt fixed.png