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Based on my (Tim Whitlatch) discussions with Melvin Washington, Keith Welch and David Hamlette , This is my understanding of the Hall D Rapid Access system;

1. The rapid Access System hardware and software will most likely (if all goes well) be functional by Dec 4 beam run. 2. There will need to be a period of evaluation by RadCon prior to full use of the system. This will include entries to the hall right after beam to evaluate radiation levels. 3. The collimator door can stay open during this evaluation period. 4. Once the Rapid Access System is commissioned, the collimator door will be locked and not accessible during rapid access. Locking of the door will be part of the sweep prior to lockup. only RadCon and MCC will have a key. 5. There is a radiation probe in the collimator that may be evaluated over time if we wish to determine if the collimator can be part of the rapid access in the future. 6. The RWP would have to be updated when the system is active 7. An ARM (from MCC) can still escort people in the hall during a quick controlled access, but only RadCon can clear the hall for un-escorted entry.

This means that for at least the fall run, we will not have the rapid access system operational. The MCC will need to be contacted for quick escorted access and RadCon would have to clear the hall for non-escorted accesses.