Feb. 15, 2008 Tracking CDC/FDC

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Meeting Connections

Friday February 15, 2008 11:00am EST

  • At Jefferson Lab, room F226
  • To connect from the outside, please phone in to 1-877-643-6951
* Enter a non-verbal pass code
* The passcode is 79627828 #
* When prompted, record your name, followed by the # sign.


  • Status of the documentation for the Tracking Review
    • Introduction Material -- can we use that from the calorimeter review?
    • Physics Motivation for the resolution capabilities to carry out PWA. (See notes on Charged Particle Tracking).
    • Needed updates to the CDC documentation from last year. ( 2008_02_15 CDC Task List )
    • Needed updates to the FDC documentation for the mini review.
    • Monte Carlo And Reconstruction studies (svn)
  • Assignments for getting things written.
  • dE/straw from hdgeant