Feb 14, 2014 Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday Feb 14, 2014 at 8:15am At Jefferson Lab, room TED 2504


  • ESH&Q minute - https://misportal.jlab.org/ll/index.jsf?function=view&lessonId=790
  • Open enrollment for insurance now Training this morning
  • Open House May 17
  • Accelerator achieved 2.2Gev for 1 pass
  • Montage https://www.jlab.org/montage/necessity
  • Restructure feedback to/from Mont at Physics staff mtg
    • Process performed in 1 day for safety of people and equipment
    • Accomplished to set lab in good position for future
    • Flat budget next year and maybe COL increases following years
    • Determined based on needed positions then merit
    • People were concerned that media release did not address the value of the people layed off
    • considered overall lab needs for final decisions
  • Solenoid improvements/corrections/schedule
  • NX
  • Hall Schedule Media:Hall D Sched Feb 2014.pdf