GlueX Implementation of the RCDB

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Web Interface

Database Servers

The master version of the RCDB database is on, located in the Hall D Counting House. The database is also replicated to for offlie, read-only use. To use this copy, set our RCDB_CONNECTION environment to the following value:


SQLite Database Files

The latest version of the RCDB, in SQLite form can be downloaded from

On the disk at JLab this is


This file is created daily, but only if changes to the RCDB have been made during the previous day. There is a cron job that runs on as user gluex at midnight to do this.

To use this form of the database, set your RCDB_CONNECTION environment to the following value:


Backup Scheme

Each daily version of the SQLite database is written to


a location on the write-through cache. They are thus archived to tape before old ones are automatically deleted.