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PAC36 Meeting

The PAC36 will take place during the week of August 23, 2010.

Charge Information

Continuing the process of setting the scientific priorities and beam allocations for currently approved (and conditionally approved) 12 GeV proposals. See the full charge here.

Written Material for the PAC

  1. The GlueX Experiment in Hall-D Final Version - 1 July, 2010.
  3. Schedule to delivery of material to Jefferson Lab
    1. Saturday June 19 -- Draft (v1.5) out for comments.
    2. Thursday June 24 -- Updated version (2) of the material
    3. Tuesday June 29 -- Final draft for last read-through.
    4. Thursday July 1--Material sent to Larry Cardman

Outline of Material

We are allowed a 10 page long update to the proposal that was presented in 2006. In discussions with Larry Cardman, he saw our main purpose being to re-affirm the physics case for GlueX, and then describe what has happened in the filed since our proposal. The following outline has a rough page count for this. It may turn out that we need more for the physics part.

  1. Introduction (~0.5 page)
  2. Meson Spectroscopy and the Search for QCD Exotics.(~1.75 pages)
  3. Meson Spectroscopy and Lattice QCD.(1.75 pages)
  4. GlueX Data Analysis. (~0.75 pages)
  5. GlueX Amplitude Analysis. (~1.25 pages)
  6. Updates to the GlueX Equipment. (~1.5 pages)
  7. Other Physics with GlueX. (0.5 pages)
  8. Summary. (~0.5 pages)
  9. References. (~0.5 pages)

Slides Presented to the PAC

We are allowed to present three slides (presentation made by Curtis) to the PAC on GlueX. These slides need to be sent to Jefferson Lab on Wed. Aug. 18. These slides are to contain the following.

  • Slide 1: Summarize the scientific case for the experiment.
  • Slide 2: Summarize the data anticipated and its projected accuracy.
  • Slide 3: Anything else the collaboration would like to add that they feel is relevant.

Slides to present to the PAC

  1. (August 13, 2010) The GlueX Experiment.

Reference Material