GlueX Phase III Planning

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We anticipate that the current PAC-approved GlueX running will end around 2025. There are other approved experiments in Hall D, like KLF, but the readiness for running in 2025 is uncertain due to a variety of external factors. Therefore, it is advantageous to have the PAC approve additional GlueX running that could happen as soon as 2025. With this in mind we have started discussion of what seems to be emerging as a two-prong strategy for future running.

  • development of a short term plan that is ready by summer 2025 to run at up to 2x nominal GlueX Phase II intensity with minimal modifications to hardware
  • development of a R&D program aimed at equipping GlueX to run at 2x - 4x intensity in the mid-term as part of a forward-looking long term plan to have GlueX ready for a CEBAF energy upgrade

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