GlueX Software Meeting, July 18, 2022

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GlueX Software Meeting
Monday, July 18, 2022
10:30 am EDT

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  1. Announcements
  2. Review of Minutes from the Last Software Meeting (all)
  3. Report from monthly SciOPS meeting (slides):
    • Knowledge-base articles, e.g. [1]
    • New features on the Scicomp web page: swif reporting, disk info
    • Maintenance day July 19
    • Rucio
    • Github → Gitlab?
  4. BMS_OSNAME update (Mark)
  5. Debug symbols in build scripts (Mark)
  6. Status of software upgrade projects:
    • JANA2 (Nathan)
    • RHEL8 (Simon)
  7. Review of recent issues and pull requests:
    1. halld_recon: Issues, PRs
    2. halld_sim: Issues, PRs
    3. hdgeant4: Issues, PRs
    4. MCwrapper: Issues, PRs
    5. gluex_root_analysis: Issues, PRs
  8. Review of recent discussion on the GlueX Software Help List (all)
  9. Action Item Review (all)
    • Backup old halld_sim and hdgeant4 versions without losing the possibility to use the halld_recon in analysis.xml files (Peter, Alex)
    • Switch off debug symbols by default (Mark)


Present: A. Austregesilo, P. Pauli, M. Ito, S. Dobbs, S. Taylor, B. Grube, I. Jaegle, D. Lawrence, N. Brei

  1. Announcements
    • Updated release and recon-compatible versions: Peter prepared new version sets. He noticed that the recon-compatible version builds did not succeed on jlabl5 (RHEL8), the SBMS build system has to be patched. Since we do not use RHEL8 for production yet, this should be done for the next set. (→ action item)
    • Disk status and clean up: Alex backed up several halld-recon, halld-sim and hdgeant4 versions required by outdated version sets and removed them from the group disk.
  2. Report from monthly SciOPS meeting (slides):
    • Knowledge-base articles, e.g. [2]: It is difficult to navigate this site, it was proposed to link interesting articles directly to the GlueX offline wiki.
    • New features on the Scicomp web page: swif reporting, disk info
    • Rucio: Brad Sawatzky wants to set up a test bench for Rucio at JLab. There will be limitations on size and number of entries, but any ideas or questions should go to him.
    • Github → Gitlab: There was a long discussion about an eventual transition from Github to a JLab-managed instance of the open-source version Gitlab. Since we do not require many private repositories and the costly continuous-integration features, remaining on Github is strongly preferred. We depend on the Issues and PR tracking, which would make a transition painful. In addition, it was noted that public Github profiles are important for job applications in industry.
  3. BMS_OSNAME update: There have not been any developments since we switched back to the old system. It it difficult to evaluate the differences between the native OS and the container build that caused the failure. Alex suggested that this PR may be responsible, but it has to be confirmed.
  4. Debug symbols in build scripts:
    • Talk from 2019
    • Updated proposal
    • Mark presented his rejected proposal from 3 years ago and recent modifications to it. The proposal is driven by limitations in disk size on the group disk and oasis, but reflects the stability of the software in regular production and simulation jobs. The proposal was accepted since it does not require more development, with the request to use "dbgopt" instead of "hybrid" for level 1. Nathan asked for a possibility in build_scripts to build all dependencies with debug symbols. This does not exist yet.
  5. Status of software upgrade projects:
    • JANA2: This project has become a high priority, as JANA2 as adopted as the reconstruction framework for Solid and EIC. Hall D can profit from thes enhanced interest at the lab. Nathan is also working on his LDRD project about surrogate models, where he uses the Hall D software as a typical example for a legacy code base.
  6. Review of recent discussion on the GlueX Software Help List: No recent entries. The users should be reminded to post issues and questions relevant for the broader community on the email list, before it gets lost in a slack thread.

Action Items

  • Switch off debug symbols by default (Mark): approved
  • Investigate differences between native and container build (Mark, all)
  • Add RHEL8 to the b1pi test (Alex)
  • Patch old halld_recon versions for RHEL8 (Sean?)