GlueX TOF Meeting, April 8, 2020

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GlueX Time-of-Flight Meeting
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
10:00 am EDT
BlueJeans: 350 531 998


  1. Announcements
  2. Review of minutes from the last meeting
  3. Calibration
  4. Software Issues
  5. TOF NIM paper
  6. Action Item Recap


Present: Edmundo Barriga, Eugene Chudakov, Paul Eugenio, Mark Ito (chair), Simon Taylor, Beni Zihlmann

There is a recording of this meeting on the BlueJeans site. Use your JLab credentials to gain access.

Review of minutes from the last meeting

We went over the minutes from March 11. Beni reminded us that changing out the FADC fixed the issue seen in the monitoring plots that we were dealing with at the time.


Beni reported that the calibration effort for the last runs of the recent running period were stalled due to lack of TOF root files. Sean got those jobs started again on Monday, they are starting to come in, and Beni has been processing them. He noted that the calibrations for the beginning of the run have been complete for some time and the reconstruction of those runs is not holding on TOF constants.

Beni also performed calibrations for the PrimEx running period. Only a few of the runs can be tested since the test requires tracking. For the runs that he was able to check, the resolutions looks good.

Software Issues

Igal Jaegle has reported seeing "stripes" in the spatial distribution of charged tracks matched to the TOF that look like they are correlated with vertical counters in the downstream layer of the TOF. Simon and Beni are helping him understand the anomaly.

TOF NIM paper

Paul reported that work continues on the paper. Sasha Ostrovidov is working on the section on testing.

Beni reminded us of the location of the Overleaf site.

PMT Replacement Capability

Paul reminded that the last time he was a JLab, he brought up a fixture for replacing TOF PMTs in situ. He has initiated the project to make six of them; materials have been ordered.

Beni says some PMTs may need replacement soon. One in particular is worrisome. Beni will go through the PMTs individually and assess viability.


All participants reported that they are in good health.