HDGeant4 Meeting, March 23, 2021

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HDGeant4 Meeting
Tuesday, March 23, 2021
3:00 pm EDT
BlueJeans: 968 592 007


  1. Announcements
  2. Review of minutes from the last meeting (all)
  3. Issues on GitHub
  4. Pull Requests on GitHub
  5. Action Item Review


Present: Alexander Austregesilo, Tegan Beattie, Sean Dobbs, Mark Ito (chair), Igal Jaegle, Richard Jones, Zisis Papandreou, Simon Taylor, Nilanga Wickramaarachchi, Beni Zihlmann

There is a recording of this meeting on the BlueJeans site. Log into the BlueJeans site first to gain access (use your JLab credentials).

Review of minutes from the last meeting

We went over the minutes from the meeting on March 9.

Incorrect TAGH counter number assignment

Issue #182 is largely resolved now. All relevant pull requests from Richard have been merged onto the master branch. Two action items remain:

  • Make patches to the legacy halld_recon versions that were used to run reconstruction launches.
  • Ask Andrew Smith to confirm that the changes resolve his issue.

New wiki page: Particle Gun Collection

Richard has added content to the Particle Gun Collection wiki page since the last meeting. He gave us a tour. Each "set" of simulations contains particle-gun simulation of various particles for a couple of momentum ranges using each of our standard simulation engines (G3/HADR1, G3/HADR4, G4). The user can choose to look at the control.in used, the standard output, and the standard error from the runs. For each combination the hdgeant(4) HDDM output, the smeared HDDM file, the resulting REST file, and the root file from the monitoring histogram plugin are available for download. In addition there is a built in plot browser to run root, in the browser, to look at the monitoring histograms.

[Added in press: after the meeting, Richard found and fixed a problem that was causing a problem with the embedded webpage in Firefox during the meeting.]

Hits in both CALs from the same track

Issues #185 has been identified as a reconstruction issue. It should now be closed as an HDGeant4 issue. Beni did comment that he was not able to reproduce Lubomir effect (work that he describes in the issue) but that may be because Beni is using a DSelector and Lubomir does not.

Proton timing in the BCAL

On Issue #179, Tegan is waiting on a debug branch from Richard that will allow easy look up of parent particles before taking the next step in his studies.

G3/G4 Difference in FDC wire efficiency at the cell boundary

Issue #181 has been cleared up, at least insofar as all simulation engines agree on the DOCA distribution in the FDC now. There was a bug in calculating DOCA in the FDC efficiency plugin and a bug in the hit generation for the FDC in HDGeant4. Both have been found and fixed, and the agreement verified by Alex. Richard has posted a pull request for HDGeant4. See the issue itself (linked above) for a detailed explanation of these problems.

The next step is to look at the agreement with real data. Alex intends to do some studies.

[Added in press: after the meeting Alex merged Richard's pull request.]

Issues on GitHub

We looked at two issues, one new, one old:

Charged particle energy in the calorimeters

Sean suggested that we take this up as an issue at the next meeting, in particular, how to tune the energy response to match that of data.