HOWTO use the GlueX Singularity Container

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Install Singularity

See the instructions on the Singularity site.

Alternately, RedHat Enterprise 7 has an RPM:

yum install singularity

Or on Ubuntu 16.04 and earlier:

go here and follow the instructions

Or Ubuntu 16.10 and later:

sudo apt-get install singularity-container

Get the Container

Download gluex_centos-7.7.1908_sng3.8_gxi2.20.sif, the container.

At JLab there is no need to download. The file is on the group disk:


Get the Software and Support Files

Use one of three methods.

1. tarball

This method is not supported at present (December 13, 2018). If you would like to see it revived, contact the Software Working group.

  1. Download the tarball: group.halld.tar.gz. It's 18 GB.
  2. cd <directory that will contain "group">
  3. tar zxvf <directory containing tarball>/group_halld.tar.gz

2. rsync with direct ssh

rsync -ruvt --delete --links <directory that contains "group">/group/

3. rsync through ssh tunnel

  1. Establish the tunnel
    ssh -t -L9001:localhost:9001 ssh -t -L9001:localhost:22 scosg16
  2. In a separate shell instance, do the rsync
    rsync -ruvt --delete --links -e 'ssh -p9001' localhost:/cvmfs/ <directory that contains "group">/group/

4. Run CVMFS

There are two options here:

Depending on choices made during installation the directory that contains "group" will be something like


Get a Shell Inside the Container

singularity shell --cleanenv --bind <directory that contains "group">/group/halld:/group/halld <directory with container>/gluex_centos-7.7.1908_sng3.8_gxi2.20.sif

Set-up the Developer Toolset package (optional)

The standard GCC version is 4.8.5. Perform the following step if you would like to use the GCC 8.3.1 compiler.

scl enable devtoolset-8 bash


scl enable devtoolset-8 tcsh

Set-Up the GlueX Environment

For bash:

source /group/halld/Software/build_scripts/

or for tcsh:

source /group/halld/Software/build_scripts/gluex_env_jlab.csh