Hall D Counting House Installations

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Hall D Counting House

  • We received Hall D Counting House beneficial occupancy at the end of January of 2012. At this point some issues were still unresolved (incomplete punch-list).
  • Computer Center (Bryan and Brent) installed their network switch in the telecommunication rack room. They installed the wireless in the counting house, as well as in the hall and to the trailer.
  • We received the Liebert UPS sometime in the beginning of February and decided to store in in the Experimental Storage Building. We needed to prepare mechanical installation plan (Tim), electrical plan (Giles) and material handling (Tom) before moving it in since it is a pretty big item.

Rack Room Power and Cooling Specs

  • In the Hall D counting house we have two power panels: 202-CH-EP1 and 202-CH-EP2.
  • Power panel 202-CH-EP1 feeds panel 202-CH-EP2 from 202-CH-EP1-35.
  • Total power in 202-CH-EP1 is 400 Amps for 3 phases (120V on each phase, 144kVA). This panel also feeds the racks in the telecommunication room.
  • The UPS will get its power from 202-CH-EM1-31, which is 3-phase 480V panel, 175A on 3 phases (~123 kVA). The panel is in a different room, so the facilities management will need to drill a hole in the wall to bring the power into the rack room.
  • This means we could have a capability to dissipate 144kVA + 123kVA = 267 kVA in the rack room which would have to compensated by the rack room cooling system. The UPS only has 90kVA capacity and 202-CH-EP1 provides power to other rooms as well, but roughly there is possibility 200kVA to be brought into the rack room.
  • From Rebecca Yasky I found that the cooling capacity for the rack room is 66 kVA ("There is approximately 24 tons (295 MBH) of cooling of which ~ 21 tons is for cooling racks. The design was based on the attached rack load of 66 kVA plus the building heat loads. "). Therefore, we must be careful in connecting equipment in the rack room since we will run out of cooling power before we start tripping the breakers.
  • Rebecca also told us that the second CRU has not been installed because the one installed already satisfies the specs given to the engineers for the first years of operations. The second unit can be installed during the upgrade. But according to Rebecca both sets of return ducts are connected to the installed chiller. Therefore, we can install equipment on both sides of the rack room.

UPS Installation

Power distribution to the racks and control room