How to use Slow Control

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CSS screens set up procedure

ssh hallgw

ssh gluon20

svn co


Start up EPICS IOC

ssh hallgw

ssh gluon20

cd /home/nerses/controls/epics/app/iocBoot/iochvCaen/

--- If starting a new session


--- To detach: Ctrl-A D

--- If reusing screen terminal

screen -ls
screen -r <PID.TERM.HOST>


gluon20:iochvCaen> screen -ls

There is a screen on:
20455.pts-7.gluon20 (Detached) 1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-ivantol.

gluon20:iochvCaen> screen -r 20455.pts-7.gluon20

EPICS variables

caget pstest_PS:bias:A:1:v_term