Installing EPCIS base

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Instructions How to Install EPICS Base on a standalone Linux Host

  • Started on Ubuntu 10.04 on my 32-bit Linux notebook. I use tcsh as Linux shell. Certain packages can be missing on different Linux distributions and may need to installed as needed.
  • Download EPICS base 3.14.11, which was the current stable version", in the form of tar file "baseR3.14.11.tar.gz" from EPICS web site.
  • Copy tar file into /usr/local/epics directory and unzip it there.Make sure to have correct ownership of the directory.
  • Create a soft link /usr/local/epics/base/ pointing to the directory with the newly created version of EPICS distribution.
  • Edit /usr/local/epics/base/startup/Site.cshrc file and comment out the line with echo $ADTHOME. Also it is better to change the definition of EPICS_BASE variable to environmental variable setenv EPICS_BASE /usr/local/epics/base.
    • If you are changing the location of EPICS_BASE then do not forget to change the location of EPICS_EXTENSIONS in that file.
  • Check that the /usr/local/epics/base/startup/ script returns the correct architecture for the computer system you are installing EPICS on..
  • Source the EPICS base setup script /usr/local/epics/base/startup/Site.cshrc
  • cd $EPICS_BASE
  • make
  • This will install the main libraries and executables of EPICS. You will need to add the EPICS base bin directory to the PATH environment variable to use EPICS: setenv PATH "$PATH"":$EPICS_BASE/bin/linux-x86:"
  • At this point you should be able to build application to be run on the host where you built Base or compatible systems. You probably will not have anything to be run on a different platforms, like VxWorks etc.
  • In order to be able to work with NCSL SNMP EPICS driver I had to modify src/dbStatic/dbStaticLib.c to increase the length of the links from 80 to 256. This was done following the recommendation by John Priller who provided me with the driver from NCSL. Seems to work.