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Hall D Interim Communications meeting 16-Jul-2009 2pm

Present: Rebecca Yasky, Bryan Hess, Andy Kowalski, Dawn McGinnis, Dianne Napier, Tim Whitlach, Elliott Wolin

Notes by Elliott Wolin.


  • Hall D should be ready-for-equipment (RFE) in Aug 2010.
  • The counting house should be ready after Oct-2011.
  • RFE means the area is still a construction site.
  • Initially power from temporary feeds will be available in the hall. A/C and other utilities will appear over the next year or so.
  • In Jun or Jul-2010 we will place an office trailer south of Hall D near the truck ramp
  • The office trailer will get power from temporary feeds, and will have A/C.
  • Between Aug-2010 and Oct-2011 we expect max 12 people will be in the trailer or hall at any one time.
  • The trailer will need a few phones and ethernet connectivity to the JLab network.
  • The hall will need a few phones and wireless ethernet capability.
  • Cell phones may work in the hall, no guarantees.
  • The CC will come up with a plan to get telecom (phone,ethernet) to the trailer and hall.
  • Likely scenario involves running fiber on poles directly east from an accelerator service building to trailer, then to the hall.
  • CC usually uses outside contractors to install telecom fibers/cables.
  • A good wireless transceiver location might be high up in the hall near a crane access platform.
  • Probably only one transceiver is needed during the interim period.
  • No interim telecom needed for the Tagger Hall since permanent telecom will be available shortly after the Tagger Hall is ready.

Action items

  • CC needs to work out strategy for getting interim telecom to trailer and hall by Aug 2010, including cost estimates.
  • Dianne will check with Rusty concerning existing trailers Hall D might use.
  • Hall D needs to arrange for placing trailer and getting power to it by Jul-2010.
  • Hall D and the CC have to figure out how to pay for interim communications.