JEF meeting, December 17, 2021

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Meeting time and location= 9:30 am EST (JLab time) Bluejeans only

Connection instructions

We are using BlueJeans Video/Audio conferencing. Our meeting ID number is 992533564. Click "Expand" for more details.

  • Make sure you have created a BlueJeans account via your JLab CUE account using this link:
  • If connecting via Web Browser: click this link (no passcode is needed):
  • If connecting via Phone: Dial one of the following numbers and then enter the meeting ID above and hit "#" or "##"
  • If connecting via Polycom unit:
    • Dial or
    • Enter meeting ID above


  • SICCAS crystals
  • Module fabrication -- Sasha
    Task list
  • Light Monitoring System
  • COMCAL tests, TAC running, etc.
  • Data analysis
  • Simulations
- Sample preparation towards TMVA -- Azizah
- FCAL island algorithm comparison -- Tegan
- update -- ig
  • Other business


Attendees: Igal,Tegan,Zisis,Arshak,Sasha,Jane,Liping,Azizah,S.T.

  • No news from SICCAS -- Sasha will send a reminder
    • Should plan to meet with Jlab management in January to discuss SICCAS progress and backup solution
  • Sasha coordinating with Patrizia to get involvement of detector support group to aid with module fabrication
    • Would like to have 2 technicians working more-or-less full time
  • Chris A. from Tim's group still continuing with brazing -- 12 strip assemblies ready to go by end of year
  • Expect will need to move module assembly space in March/April of next year
  • PMT delivery continues; Olga worked on checking dimensions
  • Axel S. taking over from Bill B. at GW as PI; Sasha working on paperwork for loan agreement with GWU for PMT divider tests
    • Also could consider outsourcing silicon cookie preparation
  • PMT divider for NPS ready to go; Chris S. will build 1-3 in January for bench tests. Maybe beam tests during upcoming PrimeX run?
  • Sasha setting up for mass module production
    • Task list highlights steps where help will be needed and steps where help may be needed
    • Most delicate step is putting everything together and adjusting tension
  • Azizah gave an update about matching true photons to reconstructed photons from ω events
  • Tegan gave an update comparing efficiencies for 1 GeV shower reconstruction using Island and default algorithms for the FCAL2 geometry
    • Island algorithm shows dip near 4 degrees (roughly corresponding to the interface between the insert and the lead glass blocks) but both show dip near 5 degrees
    • Island algorithm slightly better for very small angles.
  • Igal gave an update on η→π0γγ showing the impact of applying a TOF veto to neutral showers
    • 2γ peaking background can be suppressed