JEF meeting, December 8, 2017

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Meeting time and location= 3:00 pm EST (JLab time) CC-B101

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  • FCAL II budget



Attendees: L. Gan, Z. Papandreou, A. Somov, S. Taylor

  • Manpower
    • L.G. talked to M. Williams (MIT): he is interested in participating in the FCALII effort but will be busy with DIRC until end of 2018.
      • There is also some concern about a 30% cost-sharing requirement if funds go to MIT.
    • L.G. talked to A. Gasparian: he is also interested in joining the effort.
    • Zisis will contact Justin (WM) to see if he is interested
    • Sasha talked to W. Boeglin (FIU): he is on board, has lab space available for testing, can provide students
    • D. Dutta from Mississipi State, who was involved in the past, is not available near term
  • Plan to submit budget estimates to Rolf/Eugene before holidays
    • JLab can provide up to 1600 crystals?
  • Zisis mentioned possibility of using SensL SiPMs instead of PMTs for readout. The company has a 1.6 x 1.6 cm^2 model for $408.
    • Need to study level of neutron background and noise
    • Will there be enough dynamic range?
  • Hamamatsu PMTs: still waiting for quote from rep, could be $300 (from Hamlet from Hall-C).
  • Hall C is not happy with the quality of some of the crystals recently purchased from Shanghai Ceramic Intitute (20-30% bad?)
    • They are looking into supplier from Czech Republic, but the price/unit is $1300 instead of $750
  • Sasha Glamazdin is working on simulations of a couple of scenarios for shielding PMTS -- presentation next week?