JEF meeting, March 24, 2017

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eeting time and location= 11:00 EST (JLab time) CC-f228

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  1. Hybrid calorimeter simulation update
    1. (ST) I modified the simulation to mimic what GlueX at 5x10^7 might look like. 100,000 events were thrown. I assumed that the tagger hodoscope channels below 6 GeV would be turned off and the electron beam current would be 1.1 micro-Amps. The size of the insert is now 51x51 (instead of 59x59). The threshold for FCAL showers is 100 MeV; for BCAL showers it is 30 MeV. Any events with a shower with a peak position inside the inner "ring" of blocks (x<7.26 cm and y<7.26 cm) were vetoed. The plots below show the measured 4gamma mass distribution after a 0.01 |MM^2| cut with no other requirements on the showers (left), with a veto on BCAL showers (middle), and insert-only (right). Tagger accidentals were included and subtracted.

4gam.gif 4gam fcal.gif 4gam insert.gif

Cut | Nominal | FCAL | Insert

With MM^2 cut 22555 10533 1337

CL>0.001 20995 9782 1232

File:Eta status 3 25.pdf