JEF meeting, September 1, 2017

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Meeting time and location= 11:00 EST (JLab time) CC-f227

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  • CompCAL/FCAL II strategy


Attendees: L. Gan, Z. Papandreou, A. Somov., S. Taylor

  • We discussed various options for acquiring the lead tungstate crystals needed for the JEF experiment (PAC had recommended considering recycling):
  1. Recycled crystals from the CMS endcap
    1. These crystals are not rectangular (30x30x220 mm3), so it probably makes sense to replace the entire FCAL with something constructed from these crystals if we can get them. There are 7324 of them.
    2. Major costs would come from electronics and support structure.
    3. Time frame might be on the order of ~5 years?
    4. The crystals have radiation damage.
  2. Recycle HyCAL crystals.
    1. Hampton 'owns' the MRI that was used for this detector.
    2. Would require unstacking and adding magnetic shielding
    3. Other experiments have plans to use the HyCAL as is (although these experiments have yet to be approved by the PAC).
    4. We considered whether it was feasible to modify the HyCAL to incrementally add more lead tungstate crystals and keep it as a unit that could be moved from Hall to Hall in the lab. It would be used as a separate detector, not as a FCAL insert.
  3. Other crystals, from somewhere else? Shashlik? These perform between lead glass and PbWO4.
  4. The final option would be to start fresh and buy our own set of ~2500 crystals
    1. Hall C has bought (plans to buy?) 1400-1500 crystals per detector to two detectors, for a neutral calorimeter -- perhaps we can use them after their experimental program is done with them?
  • Additional collaborators? Ashot, Chinese groups?
  • Speak to Rolf and Eugene.