JEF meeting Nov 17, 2014

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Meeting time and location

13:30 EST (JLab time) CC F326-327

Connection instructions

We are using BlueJeans Video/Audio conferencing. Our meeting ID number is 370588741.

  • Make sure you have created a BlueJeans account via your JLab CUE account using this link:
  • If connecting via Web Browser: click this link (no passcode is needed):
  • If connecting via Phone: Dial one of the following numbers and then enter the meeting ID above and hit "#" or "##"
  • If connecting via Polycom unit:
    • Dial or
    • Enter meeting ID above


  1. Task list updates
  2. C-violation references and notes (after ACFI workshop) (Dave M.)
  3. AOB


Attendees: Bill Briscoe, Jing Feng, Liping Gan, Dave Mack, Sascha Somov, ST, Yu Zhang

  • We discussed the task list again.
    • Bill Briscoe and his group are considering where they will be able to contribute to the effort.
    • Our short term goal should be to address the PAC issues. This means performing simulations with hybrid calorimeter geometry so that we can demonstrate the feasibility of running concurrently with GlueX during Phase IV.
      • η→π0γγ and η→3γ simulations need to be updated.
      • Code for the Island algorithm has been checked into the repository but has not been used since Sascha's early simulations. We can in principle repeat these simulations using Sascha's technique of stopping the geant simulation before the FCAL, writing things out into a file and feeding the data to Ilya's code, but it would be nice to integrate this into our framework in a less clumsy way. Sascha said he would contact Ilya (apparently he does not have a visa yet?).
      • How to deal with the interface between the Lead Glass and the Lead Tungstate needs some study.
      • We need to understand the impact of accidentals in the tagger. Dave has started thinking about this.
    • Next step is to work on the plan for acquiring and performing quality control for the Lead Tungstate blocks.
      • The expected source for the crystals is the Shanghai Ceramic Institute. The likely conduit is our Chinese collaborators in Lanzhou. They are awaiting approval to purchase a crystal for use in a beam test here at Jlab.
  • Dave showed some slides showing some references and notes about c-violating decay channels that came out of the ACFI workshop.