JLab Contacts for Meetings

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List of JLab staff contacts for organizational issues surrounding GlueX meetings at JLab.

Tasks for the Contact

Contact should:

  1. Make sure the JLab room is booked.
  2. Invite interested parties on the JLab Zimbra calendar.
  3. Show up early to set up meeting equipment at JLab.
  4. Make sure non-standard conditions at JLab are communicated.
  5. Arrange for a substitute if necessary.

The Meeting-Contact List

  • Beamline/Tagger: Sascha
  • Calibration: Lubomir
  • Bi-Weekly GlueX Collaboration: Beni
  • PID Upgrade: Justin
  • Level 1 Trigger: Sascha
  • Physics: Simon
  • Time-of-Flight: Mark I.
  • Start Counter: Mark I.
  • Calorimetry: Elton

Missing a meeting? Please raise it as an issue at the next meeting.

BlueJeans IDs for Meetings

  • [Connect] GlueX/Hall-D Biweekly Meeting: 660743227
  • [Connect] GlueX Beamline and Tagger Meeting: 536076821
  • [Connect] GlueX BCAL Reconstruction Meeting:
  • [Connect] GlueX Calibration Meeting: 630804895
  • [Connect] GlueX Calorimeter Meeting:
  • [Connect] GlueX Data Challenge Meeting: 531811405
  • [Connect] GlueX Level-3 Trigger Meeting:
  • [Connect] GlueX Offline Meeting: 968592007
  • [Connect] GlueX Online Meeting: 462509408
  • [Connect] GlueX Physics Meeting: 115815824
  • [Connect] GlueX PID Upgrade Meeting:
  • [Connect] GlueX Start Counter Meeting:
  • [Connect] GlueX Time of Flight Meeting: 190670770