Jan 15, 2009 Calorimetry

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Teleconference Time: 11:00 EST/10:00 CST

  • Phone:
    • +1-800-377-8846 : US
    • +1-888-276-7715 : Canada
    • +1-302-709-8424 : International
    • then enter participant code: 39527048# (remember the "#")

Items for followup from Dec 22 meeting

  1. Resolution studies (Blake)
    • Develop criteria for evaluating resolution studies
    • Study impact of inactive material at the end of Bcal on acceptance.
    • Check what configuration (thresholds, step sizes, stack? parameters for secondaries, etc) is being used for the Hall D simulations (Regina)
  2. Report on the Bfield components in the region of the Bcal readout (JLab for next meeting).
  3. Options for vendors delivering specific lead sheet sizes (Tim)

Documents to Review

  1. GlueX-doc-1173 Fine mesh pmts
  2. GlueX-doc-912 Magnetic fields at pmt locations

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. FCAL Update
    1. FCAL Calibration Claire's Slides (PDF)
  3. BCAL Update
    1. Bcal construction schedule
      • First Article Fibers from Kuraray arrive first week in February (need fiber handling procedures)
      • Preparations in Alberta (MOU, space, construction manager, QA plans, machining Pb)
    2. Magnetic Field Update (Elton)
    3. Updates on SiPM tests
  4. GlueX collaboration meeting
  5. Any other business


Attending: JLab: Beni, Elton, Fernando; UofR: Zisis, Blake, George, Andrei; IU: Claire, Ryan, Matt, Brad

  1. Announcements: It is cold in Regina (-40). Our next phone conference will be Thu Feb 12.
  2. FCAL Update
    1. Redesign of magnetic shield for Fcal to accomodate concentric cylindrical shields.
    2. Hardware status at collaboration meeting
    3. FCAL Calibration with pi0s presented by Claire.
      • Became a software project
      • Goals: calibrate detector using pi0 and etas as a source of high energy photons.
      • Not yet determined accuracy possible for calibration, but considerable effort has gone into putting the necessary tools in place.
  3. BCAL Update
    1. Fibers
      • Kuraray will ship first article fibers at the end of the month. 50 fibers to Regina, 50 to JLab and keep 50 at Kuraray. Length will be 410 +4/-0 with label on the last 2 cm.
      • Beni is setting up automatic procedures for testing fibers. Present 90Sr source rate is limited and will require about 1 day for a complete test of one fiber.
      • UofR: Attenuation length measurements using the UV spectrometer can be done very fast. Tests with a 90Sr source is more time consuming, and uses the same DAQ system as the tests for the SiPM.
      • Handling proceedures during construction will be written up by UofR for comments by Kuraray
    2. Construction
      • UofR is obtaining more information from Ross machining about their cutting and polishing capabilities, as well as hourly rates
      • Will run some short lengths of Pb through the swager. Examine samples of Pb under the microscope to optimze swager settings, before shipping swager to Alberta.
    3. Shower reconstruction
      • Blake has new results but they were not yet ready for presentation. Should have something to show at the collaboration meeting
      • Andrei is investigating charged particle energy depositions in calorimeter as a way to calibrate the detector.
    4. B-field at pmts
      • Elton has updated GlueX-doc-912 Magnetic fields at pmt locations using the new ANSYS magnetic fields.
      • The angle of the field relative to the z-axis is quite large and it will be a challenge to find good operating point for the fine mesh pmts.
  4. GlueX collaboration meeting
    • Fcal hardware (Matt)
    • Bcal updates (Zisis or George)
    • SiPM update (Carl)
    • Bcal construction (Elton)
    • Calibration using pi0 photons (Claire) in offline session
  5. Any other business