January 14, 2021 CPP Design Meeting ERR discussion

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday Jan 14, 2021, 2pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Stephanie, Ilya, Rory, Mark S


  • Solid Pb target support and installation Media:CPP_Target_pic.pdf
  • Design/Procurement status
  • New Detector position - 3 inches DS to make dark room bigger
  • Things to work out
    • Gas line manifold
    • Complete structural analysis
    • Develop Detailed installation plan
    • Develop Design/operational/Maintenance Requirements
    • Modified US vacuum system
    • Solid target installation
    • Documentation for ERR

Minutes and Action Items

  • ERR discussed - 3 talks to address charge questions
    • Decided to use schedule with CPP run first then Primex - keep other as backup
  • Target Discussion
    • Rory has target from previous experiment we will use (lead)
    • Need manual insertion of lead and empty target with good precision (change 1X per day)
    • Need vacuum right up to target (thin kapton window -125 microns)
    • Desire helium bag inside CDC
    • Need to develop design for target change out that can be done quickly and precisely
    • Target location 64 cm US of existing target (Hall D 1 cm US of 0,0)
    • Vacuum system needs to be designed -continue 1.5 inch tube
  • Need to develop talks for CPP review to address charge
  • Detector move DS 3 inches to make room in Darkroom for library ladder