January 7, 2011 Des/Fab Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Friday Jan 7, 2011 at 8:15am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in room ARC 428


  • ESH&Q minute - Radiation
  • Announcements
    • training
    • Raises
  • Solenoid Test Status *
  • Civil construction Status - RFE issued Dec 28, 2010
  • Infrastructure plans - LCW
  • FDC construction preparations
  • CAD update
  • Upcoming work
  • Manpower (Eng,Tech,Des)
  • Space issues ( trailer, 2nd floor ARC )

Outstanding Action Items

  • Need list of people needing access to the ESB (Rad area and building owner is FM)
  • Coil 3 in ESB requires property storage request
  • Need to enter coil 3 in HDlist - bring right into test lab
  • need to get dipole (for sweep magnet) from FEL - Jim Coleman
  • need to look at organizing someone to take care of material handling for Hall D. Can we use the transportainer?
  • order flat screen for solenoid test area
  • check to see if we can get a MS project group license - Tim


    • In attendance W. Crahen, J. Fochtman, C. Hutton, V. Razmyslovich, J. Lagner, F. Martin, R. Getz, C. Heck, D. Butler, W. Sachleben, A. Johnson, G. Biallas, J. Creel, T. Carstens, G. Humble, R. Bunton, Tim Whitlatch

New Action Items