January 8, 2007 Software

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  1. Review minutes from December 18, 2006 Software meeting
  2. Review status of software in preparation for CD-2


Attendees: Elke A., David L.(chair), Simon T., Elliott W.

This meeting had a low turn out with only local participants. We went over the milestones listed on the 2006 workshop website. One important thing noted by Elke was that Eugene Chudakov from Hall-A will be spending approx. 25% time on GlueX. They are planning to ask him to look at PID issues and the Cerenkov detector.

Action Items

  1. Freezing tags in subversion through hooks (David)
  2. Put tarballs of external packages on Wiki(David)
  3. SVN web interface for browsing change logs (David)
  4. Design and implement exception and logging scheme for JANA
  5. Discuss integration issues
  6. Experiment with shared pointers