July 09, 2020 CPP Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday July 09, 2020, 1:30pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/735541157/3638?src=calendarLink

  • Present - Elton, Dave, Bobby, Ilya, Eugene, Rory (remote)


Assume that nominal the GlueX configuration consists of

  • No Pb shielding
  • DIRC installed
  • Solenoid field at 1350 A

CPP Test Configuration

  • With and without Pb shielding
  • DIRC removed
  • Solenoid field at 1350 A (no change)
Screenshots of test layout media:CPP_Testconfig.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig2.jpg
media:CPP_Testconfig3.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig4.jpg 
media:CPP_Testconfig5.jpg  media:CPP_Testconfig6.jpg

Possible sequence and times

  1. CPP test DAQ setup: 2 hrs
  2. Repeat measurement with nominal GlueX configuration: 2 hrs
  3. Configure experiment for CPP Test: 12 hours max
  4. Start with no DIRC, no shielding
  5. Take data: 2 hours
  6. Install Pb shielding: 2 hours
  7. Take data: 2 hours
  8. Install 2 Pb shields: 2 hours
  9. Take data: 2 hours
  10. Restore nominal GlueX configuration: 4 hours.

Total time = 30 hours

The DIRC will have to be surveyed following the test.

Note by Elton: An updated schedule can be found in CPP Test 2020 - Schedule

  • Things to work out
    • Gas line manifold
    • Adjustable lead absorber
    • Alignment hardware
    • Complete structural analysis
    • Develop Detailed installation plan
    • Develop Design/operational/Maintenance Requirements

Minutes and Action Items

  • Reviewed minutes of last meeting
  • Bobby presented the configuration and the process was discussed - generally ok
  • Need to add platform to set lead on so 1 person can change it
  • Elton will obtain approval from Eugene to procure/build components
  • Set up new meeting in 2 weeks