July 11, 2011 Calibration/Monitoring

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Teleconference Time: 08:30 CST (Regina) / 10:30 EDT / 16:30 GMT+2 (Athens)

  • Connection: ESNET

Background information

Action Items

  1. USM was contacted to expedite the LG shipment to Athens: Athens has requested 15 units, 12 for one side and 3 for the opposing side of the baby cal.
  2. In the meanwhile, Elton will send 2 Plastic Craft LGs to Athens, and possibly small connectors (from the SiPM U-board) or at least information on the type of connectors for both LED and control board.
  3. Christina will discuss connectors with Kappos and also whether a 90 degree LED can be used and where it can be mounted.
  4. Zisis will have Danny sketch the concept for the LED 'channel'.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Paperwork Progress
  2. Monitoring system concepts


Attendees: Christina (Athens), Elton (JLab), Zisis (Regina)

  1. Finalizing monitoring features on light guide
    • Proposal: 4mm diameter, 4mm deep at a location approximately 3.5 cm below the support frame surrounding the light guides
    • Elton will have this feature added to the light guide drawings so that they can be passed around for feedback.
    • In the meantime, Athens will perform tests of light transmission between near and far pmts using the simulated "final board" layout, which includes the LEDs (which are in transit from Regina). These are expected to be used in the final design.
    • The light guide features will be updated on the drawings based on feedback from the measurements and used for the light guide procurement.
    • The timescale for this cycle is about 10 days.
  2. RFP for final contract
    • No issues at the moment. Questions were answered via e-mail.