July 22, 2011 Design Meeting

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Thursday July 21, 2011 at 8:15am At Jefferson Lab, the meeting will be held in room ARC 231


  • ESH&Q minute
    • Hall D trench box M:\12GeVUpgrade\Meetings\Project Team Meetings\Project Team Meetings - 2011\7-14-2011
    • Student safety
  • Announcements
    • training - up to date?
    • All hands meeting today
  • Co-op presentation (Stephanie)
  • Interns Presentations (Caleb and Joe)
  • CAD update - Chuck
  • Solenoid Test Status - George*
  • Solenoid install Status - Josh
  • Solenoid replacement status - Tim
  • FDC construction update - Bill
  • Mock up update - John
  • Fabrication/installation work - Tom
  • scheduled work - J:\Hall D\schedules and budgets\manpower assignments

Outstanding Action Items


Discussed ESH@Q minutes and announcements. All students gave their presentations. Stephanie Mcarthy on BCAL readout production cooling calculations, Joseph Accolla on BCAL readout cooling tests and Caleb Massey on FDC wire position measurements. They can be found at M:\halld\Engineering\Presentations

    • In attendance W. Crahen, J. Fochtman, C. Hutton, V. Razmyslovich, J. Lagner, F. Martin, R. Getz, W. Sachleben, Tim Whitlatch, N. Gomez, J. Conger, S. Mcarthy, J. Accolla, C. Massey,T Carstens