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Calibration Database (Nicolay)

postponed until next week see GlueX-doc-672

Reconstruction code schedule (all)

We still need to devise a plan with milestones and DEADLINES for the reconstruction.

We need to have another software workshop. This can help provide some motivation for development of code.

The workshop should not interfere with the BCAL beam test so both are ensured of getting proper attention.

The BCAL beam test officially runs from Sept. 22,2006 to Sept. 30, 2006.

Recomendation for dates of next GlueX software workshop: Thur. Nov. 9th - Sat. Nov. 11th.


GlueX Software Meeting July 31, 2006

In attendance:

David L., Simon T., Matt S., Richard J.,

The meeting agenda is posted on the Wiki at:



1 Calibration Database (Nicolay) -- postponed til next week 1.5 FCAL channel count 2 Reconstruction code schedule (all) 3 AOT

Future meeting suggestions (held over from last time): - Coding standards - Smart pointers - BCAL beamtest simulations


Calibration Database

Nikolay has done some work here and posted adocument as well as some source code to the DocDC as GlueX-doc-672.

Unfortunately, Nikolay was ill on the day of the meeting so his presentation had to be postponed until next week.

FCAL Channel Count

Matt reported that after some discussions with Richard, they have agreed on a new channel count for the FCAL. It is significant increase from ~2200 to ~2800 blocks.

Reconstruction code schedule

In the aftermath of the recent Lehman review and with anticipation towards next summer's reviews, we need to maintain the core reconstruction code as a high priority within the software group as well as the collaboration at large. As a driver to development, we will be having another software workshop this fall. In trying not to conflict with the BCAL beam test, it was suggested (by David) that we have the workshop on November 9-11 (Thurs.- Sat.) Matt mentioned there was something on his schedule about a physics meeting on those dates, but he hadn't heard anything on it for a while so it was unclear if that was still planned. David volunteered to send out an announcement to solicit feedback from the collaboration on the dates.