July 5,2006 Software

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Lehman review comments

From the end-of-review Power Point slides:

  • FINDINGS: "Progress on simulation and reconstruction studies of detector performance"
  • COMMENTS: "Simulation and reconstruction studies are not yet sufficiently mature to support detector design optimization. Important to ensure that physics requirements are met"
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: "Continue development of full detector simulation and reconstruction with goal of validating the detector designs meet physics performance requirements for Halls B and D"

Remember phase I reconstruction plan: http://www.jlab.org/~davidl/HallD/Presentations/2005_11_11_SoftwareSummary

CDC and FDC acceptance via HDGeant


see the latest design report Chapter 10 ppg. 13-21.

PAC 30 Computing Requirements


Coding conventions


DANA -> JANA update

Major revision is being done on jana-branch branch

  • Introduction of JEventSourceGenerator and JFactoryGenerator classes allow Hall-D

specific code to go into DEventSourceHDDMGenerator and DFactoryGenerator subclasses.

  • Extract_HDDM() methods moved from factories to DEventSourceHDDM class. This makes

a more extensible system that will also make it easier to implement DEventSourceEVIO and anything Hall-B chooses to implement.

  • Header files moved from src/libraries/include to src/libraries/PACKAGE. Thus, headers from

outside packages use package name. e.g.

#include "CDC/DCDCHit.h"
  • Factory naming scheme changed.
  • Geometry system still needs to be sorted out.