June 24, 2021 KLONG Design Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Thursday June 24, 2021, 1pm Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466

  • Present - Hovanes Egiyan, Moskov Amaryan, Stephanie Worthington, Keith Harding, Igor Strakovsky, Tim Whitlatch, Mark Stevens


Minutes and Action Items

  • We went through the marked up sketch of overall dimensions and everyone was ok with it.
  • Discussed beam size and beam pipe size. 5cm beam pipe ok to just past the sweep magnet . Need to check if the PS is 6cm. Will use 6 cm after the sweep.
  • Moskov said the target is 6 cm so we do not need to be bigger than that.
  • Keith presented the 3D model
    • 6" (15 cm) square steel tube ok upstream of tungsten. This will make it easier to stack lead
    • 5mm gap between beryllium and tungsten ok
    • Square tungsten to match steel tube ok (6"), Igor will do new calculation when design finalized
    • Square steel tube downstream of tungsten plug ok. Tentatively 5 cm, may be bigger if cooling tubes are needed for tungsten
    • some type of cradle support for the beryllium ok.
    • Vacuum tube (5 cm) to start right after target assy - is kapton window ok or is aluminum needed?
    • Verify weight of lead, appears to be 18 tons (Igor's initial estimation was 12.5 t )
    • Location of Be within several mm ok
    • Assembly will be on rollers and move out of beamline manually
    • Hovanes asked if it would be easier to fabricate beryllium if square. This needs to be looked at.
  • Energy absorption in beryllium and tungsten not yet calculated
  • Igor requests 16.3 g/cc for tungsten (the source is Rolf, one can check it with Bogdan)

Action Items

  • Continue developing 3D model - Keith
  • Find out fabrication technique for Beryllium and if square will be easier (Tim)
  • Perform energy absorption calculations - Igor
  • Verify Pair spec magnet beampipe size (Tim)
  • Get quotes on lead bricks (Stephanie)
  • Verify weight of lead (Keith)
  • Start looking at cooling methods for tungsten (Stephanie, Keith, Tim)