June 3,2020 Tech group meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday June 3, 2020 at 9am Bluejeans https://bluejeans.com/465620466


  • JLAB MEDCON5 Transition Updates https://www.jlab.org/memo/medcon-5-transition-updates
  • Jlab Update - May go to MEDCON5 June 8 (If approved by DOE)
    • JLAB sent final checklist to DOE Friday
    • JLAB Submitted a letter to DOE Monday a request to reopen LAB
    • Over 400 max occupancy signs have been posted
    • Working on ways to sanitize and reuse PPE
    • JLAB following Virginia requirements for opening.
    • Hall D MEDCON5 Information https://www.jlab.org/Hall-D/engineering.php
    • first couple of days will be "essential crew only (WC plus one) to set up signage and procedures
  • Some important points to consider are:
    • We will only come back in Tiers. People will be requested to come in by the Work Coordinator. All work must be reviewed and approved by the Work Coordinator.
    • Essential work is preparation for CEBAF/experiment operations, needed planning work for the scheduled accelerator down, whatever we get judged on by DOE/SC and work related to quality assurance of procurements, etc. No default work operations
    • About 200 JLAB employees will be allowed back on site during MEDCON5 phased in over 2 weeks
    • PHE can be charged when authorized by your supervisor
    • Employee supplied cloth face masks required during MEDCON5 in any area where multiple people are
    • Social distancing (6 ft min) required on all work unless AD approved and proper PPE
    • Everyone is to perform the Health Self Certification Test using the JLAB provided card daily before entering JLAB property. The results must be reported to your supervisor before entering the site.
    • Anyone coming into Hall D must have the approval of the Hall D Group Leader, Work Coordinator or Engineer.
    • The COVID-19 Pandemic Controls OSP must be read, understood and signed prior to coming to JLAB
    • SAF003 COVID-19 Hazard Awareness and Controls must be completed
    • Complete and sign (persons performing task and their supervisor) the Pre-job checklist from the COVID-19 OSP for each task before starting. The signed copy is to be posted at the job site.
  • Resumption Plan - Mark
  • Resumption Schedule - Scot

Action Items

  • Update/Approve Resumption plan
  • Review all procedures - in work - Mark/Scot

Ongoing Activities

  • On Call Activity -- HD refrigerator compressor trip https://logbooks.jlab.org/book/hdlog
  • Updates
    • Josh --
    • Stephanie -- CPP
    • Keith -- Vacuum training
    • Bobby --
    • Chris --
    • Nick -- power supply temp/Flow readings
  • Help desk still live -- 269-7155
  • Service now for issues - https://jlab.servicenowservices.com/nav_to.do?uri=%2Fhome.do%3F
  • Daily work
    • Send a daily check in email response to the group
    • Complete any training that is due within the next 4 months
    • Do any online training that may be available
    • Update documentation you are responsible for and are able to do from home
    • Familiarize with Bluejeans and attend meetings as required
    • Check Web EDM (CSS) screens periodically (daily)
    • Check HDLOG daily and respond as needed.
    • All must be available during working hours
    • If you are going out of town, notify supervisor and charge vacation
    • If you are sick, notify supervisor and charge sick time
    • Charge HDOPS for the actual time spent on above activities
    • Charge Public Health Emergency for the remainder of hours up to 8 per day and 40 per week max.
    • Fill out timesheets daily
  • Anything else?