Kinematic Fitting

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Newer Kinematic Fitting Documentation and Examples (Will Levine, March 2012)

Brief Kinematic Fitting Example

Older Kinematic Fitting Documentation and Examples (Matt Bellis, ~2007)

[Some of the below is outdated, the examples don't compile -WL]

  • GlueX-doc-905 Kinematic Fitting Talk
  • GlueX-doc-1381 Kinematic Fitting Talk
  • Software to demonstrate how to use the kinematic fit:
    • Example programs exist in the subversion repository here:
      • If you have checked out the src tree then just look in the $HALLD_HOME/src/programs/Analysis/Examples/KinematicFitting directory
    • Here is the original message posted with the initial version of the example code:
      • Untarring it will produce a testKfit with multiple subdirectories. The subdirectory names should give a clue as to the reaction/study. The fitting is done in I'm not sure if JANA/GlueX software still uses this mode of operating. All of this worked at the time with the DKinFit object which existed in the main trunk. You may want to look at test_pKsKs_misspi. That reaction is gamma p --> p KS KS, where the one of the pi- from the KS is missing, but both KS mass constraints are applied.

External Documentation