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  1. FCAL: It has been noticed that the pi0 mass shifts when the LED pulser runs at high rate. This is still not understood. See Log Entry 3595928 and references. Several runs have been taken in raw mode. These runs exhibit the shift in pi0 mass with LED running at 1 kHz. There is a need to analyze these to try to determine the cause. [Susan]
    1. 50634 - FCAL Green LED: 1kHz, 29 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.7 M events
    2. 50635 - FCAL Violet LED: 1kHz, 22 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.4 M events
    3. 50636 - FCAL Blue LED: 1kHz, 15 V, Livetime is 9%, 1.5 M events
  2. Covariance matrices for photons; need pull distributions (Regina could help); add these to best practices page [Mark]
  3. Spike at BCAL z=220 cm, due to noise [Karthik]
  4. BCAL hot channels. Investigate and see if baseline or other improvements are possible; Regina summer undergrads could help.