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Media Links

GlueX Photogallery

GlueX Public Relations Slides

  1. Two slides highlighting the first GlueX publication on the beam asymmetry of pion and eta photoproduction.
  2. A series of detector performance and physics slides prepared for the Jefferson Lab S&T review in July 2015.
  3. A slide showing the polarization transfer from the photon to the rho meson in GlueX, and the subsequent decay angular distribution. This is compared to the case of unpolarized photons (from the amorphous radiator), where the angular distribution is flat. Also shown are the photon energy spectrum as measured in the tagger hodoscope for the two cases. The coherent edge is very obvious for the diamond radiator, while the amorphous radiator shows the expected 1/E spectrum.
  4. A slide showing photographs and invariant mass plots from the fall 2014 commissioning run. The slide includes a picture of the detector from October 2014, a picture of the start counter mounted to the liquid hydrogen target prior to installation, and two plots. The first id the omega reconstructed via its pi+ pi- pi0 decay, while the second is the K</sub>S</sub> detected via its pi+pi- decay from events with detached vertices.

Hall-D Live Camera

HALL-D Live Camera (Access only inside Jefferson Lab)

Installation and Construction Videos