Meeting 2022 01 13

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Hall D SRC/CT Analysis Meetings: THURSDAY 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Link to all previous meetings: Hall D SRC/CT Weekly Analysis Meetings

Please use halld_src mailing list for plots/communications!

Status of calibrations (all)

- Timing offsets in TAGH/TAGM
- PS calib status
Current status [1][2][3]
  • Summary: calibrations ongoing, timeline is on the order of another month to complete.

Status of data processing (Alexander)

  • completed the monitoring launch over the 2021-11 SRC/CT data set, processing the first 40 files of each run deemed physics quality, selected with the RCDB query: daq_run=='PHYSICS_SRC', beam_current > 10, event_count > 5000000, solenoid_current > 100 and collimator_diameter != 'Blocking' (aka "@is_src_production")
  • The merged histogram files can be found on the work disk at: /work/halld/data_monitoring/RunPeriod-2021-11/mon_ver02/rootfiles/
  • The REST files, random trigger skims and several trees are saved on cache: /cache/halld/offline_monitoring/RunPeriod-2021-11/ver02/REST/

Analysis topics (Jackson)

  • Analysis topics are listed here for discussion.
  • Should decide on priorities and determine dependencies on various calibrations.
  • students will review physics topics with their advisors and think about interest/feasibility in determining analysis question.
  • all can look at the list and comment: quick analysis vs analysis that may lead to extension or have more impact for EIC physics.
  • ex: t-dep of j/psi may be significant topic, but is it feasible? do we have enough data to say anything?

Analysis updates (Bo, Phoebe, Bhesha, Jackson, ...)