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FDC Weekly Meeting

Date: March 11, 2010

Participants: Daniel, Simon, Beni, Lubomir, Bill, Fernando, Eugene, Mark S., Casey

Next Meeting: March 18, 2010


 - Lubomir will now take over the running and organizing and minutes for the
   FDC group meeting.

Preparations for FDC Construction

 - Update on EEL 126 space: Some turbulence was met in getting the promised
   10 ft of space. Stay tuned.
 - Update on plans for clean space: Lubomir has started to look into what
   we can purchase. Stay tuned.
 - Update on order of granite table: Lubomir and Bill are working on putting
   the order together for a 5-ft x 5-ft table (just like we have now).
 - Update on wire frame transport/storage boxes: Bill will take on this
   design. These boxes are needed by the end of this year or the beginning
   of the next.
 - Update on G10 order status: Bill will put together the production G10
   order after he is satisfied with our new frame design.
 - Update on Rohacell order status: We may decide to order a new batch of
   Rohacell for the frame construction. If we do, the goal is to put this
   order out at the same time as the G10 order.

General Construction Updates

 - The two-layer prototype continues under source tests in the cosmic ray
   test facility. The detector will be removed from the test stand for work 
   on Monday to diagnose the HV problems before circuit board procurement.
 - The third wire/cathode layer is ready for testing pending availability
   of manpower.
 - We want to try putting the oxygen sensor in our system and measure the
   oxygen contamination on our input and output lines. Due to the worries
   about high input impedance of this device, we have some additional
   checking to do. We will test pending availability of manpower.
 - The preliminary FDC stack assembly document draft is located at:
   /u/group/halld/Engineering/PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTS. We will review this
   document in the coming weeks to update out-of-date or old procedures.
 - Fernando would like us to add the final version of the HV multi-pin
   connectors to the full-scale prototype. We will do this when the 
   detector is taken apart.
 - Fernando needs us to finalize the wire and cathode naming conventions
   for the FDC. Lubomir is involved in this work.

Frame Modification Studies

 - The dummy Kapton cathode has been laminated to its frame. The Mylar
   version did not adhere well and had to be scrapped. The plan is to use
   the aluminized mylar (our ground plane material) to simulate the second 
   cathode plane. Work on this will continue next week pending availability 
   of manpower.
 - Bill has put together a few slides showing the frame design changes.
 - The redesigned frame piece for the wire board is expected back from
   the shop shortly.

Wire Frame Update

 - The wire frame construction document is located at:
   /u/group/halld/Engineering/PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTS.
 - The review of the FDC PCBs is now underway. Preliminary comments from
   DSC and Bill passed on to Fernando. He will complete his preliminary
   review in the next several days. We will send the boards to Keith for
   comments after initial questions are fully addressed. The plan is not to
   move forward with procurement until after inspection/diagnosis/repairs
   of the HV/current problems seen in the full-scale prototype.
 - DSC is finalizing the tension specifications for winding. It looks like
   the +/-5% spec is unnecessarily tight. Looks like +/-20% is full
   satisfactory, although we will likely put a +/-10% spec on the Phase 3
   winding requirement.

Cathode Update

 - The current draft of the cathode construction document is located at:
   /u/group/halld/Engineering/PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTS.
 - The next rigid-flex design meeting will take place shortly.
 - Lubomir had a suggestion for the design list and will send it to DSC.
 - We would like to push to get the cathode board procurement started by the
   end of March.
 - David Lawrence is working to give us input on the hole size in the
   cathode center. Stay tuned.

Prototype Testing

 - The current version of the full-scale prototype test plan is on the
   GlueX portal as (GlueX-doc-1304).
 - To connect the full-scale prototype to the readout electronics, Fernando
   is designing a simple translator board that allows connection from the
   24-channel preamp connector to the 16-channel connectors on the ADCs and
   TDCs. These boards should be delivered in the next week.
 - The signal cables for the full-scale prototype have been made and are now
   being tested by Fernando's group.
 - Two layer test update: See the FDC Log Book for updates on the continuing work.
 - The delivery of the remainder of the preamp cards for the full-scale
   prototype will be in mid-March.
 - Fernando will pursue purchasing enough cathode ground boards for all
   six cathode planes for the full-scale prototype.
 - A while ago we focussed on the wiggles seen in the reconstructed wire 
   position from the cathodes (see log entry 419) in the
   FDC logbook. We believe that the periodicity seen is due to the algorithm
   Beni is using to determine the U and V centroids. Stay tuned.

Construction Updates

 - The sense wire SEM checks are now complete and the wire sample reports
   have been posted on the FDC Reports Page. 
 - The preliminary Phase 3 budget for the FDC wire winding has been 
   provided to JLab. DSC and Eugene need to meet to go over the next steps
   in preparation of a contract and formal Statement of Work.
 - We provided the summer IUCF work plan that Bill prepared to IUCF and
   will work to arrange a phone conference in the next day or two with
   Keith Solberg to finalize the plan. He will then work to come up with
   a budget estimate for that work. Once we agree on a plan and a budget,
   work on preparing the contract and official SOW will commence.
 - The original document for the Phase 3 Preparation Work will be reviewed 
   with IUCF shortly.
 - Master list on wire and cathode frame redesign work is located at:
   Frame Modification Work.

Work List

 - The FDC short-term work list has been posted on the FDC web site.  
   This is continually being updated and DSC welcomes any feedback or 
   comments from the group.

Minutes prepared by Daniel. Send any comments or corrections along.