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March 7, 2013 FDC meeting


  1. Production Construction Tracking (Dave)
    • Spare parts
    • Package #2 status
    • Package #3 repair
  2. Rebaselining update [1](Lubomir)
  3. Installation schedule (Lubomir)
  4. Engineering (Bill)
  5. Electronics (Chris, Nick)
  6. Tests at EEL126 FDC E-log (Beni)
  7. Other


Participants: Bill, Dave, Chris, Nick, Simon, Beni, and Lubomir.


- Dave: one more cathode with the daughter cards installed. Chris and Nick finished the HV cabling/connectors for the last package (#2). The package is ready for testing, just have to install it on the strong-back and also drill holes at the periphery of the end-window to attach the HV cables at the bottom. The PR for Vision Machine (for the gas blocks and thick spacers) went through, Adam already contacted Bill with this respect.

- We are planning to fix the HV problem in package #3 starting next week when the mounting table will be available. The problematic HV sector (#2, 20 wires) is in plane 6 (not 5! as in the previous minutes), so it will be easier since we will open it from the back of the package. Bill agrees this is doable.

Rebaselining update

- For all of the FDC activities there are links in the above html file, explaining the scope, resources and bases for estimates. Within these links for some of the items there are additional links to documents used for these estimations. There are some items we were not sure about like: 25211210 (materials for cooling), 25211215 (materials for alignment/fiducials), 25211216 (materials for HV connectors). Bill thinks all the materials for the first two have been ordered. As for the HV connectors, we have all the connectors that we need for the FDC (Nick).


- Starting with this meeting we will have discussions about the FDC installations. The installation schedule linked above was made with FastTrack using the rebaseline-d schedule. Items not for FDC, but related/needed for the FDC installation (predecessors) are also included.

- First, it's not clear when we have to move out from Blue Crab. It was decided end of last year that the lease will be extended by one month (till Sep.23), but whether this will be done and how much time facilities need to remove everything from there is not clear. For now we plan to stay there (at least to keep the FDC packages) till Aug. 23. If this is not the case we have to find a good temporary place for the FDC. We were talking also about what will happen with the clean room; everybody says destroying it will be wasting of a lot of money. We also have to find space for all the equipment/tooling so that we will be able to do fixes later if needed. Chris proposed to bring the most valuable tooling to 117.

- The rails on the platform have to be installed before the FDC appears in the Hall. So far there's no timing issue with that but it's tight. There's maybe a contradiction between BCAL installation and rail mounting that Tim has to address. We depend also on the cable preparations that will be finished just before we start connecting the cables. In any case the schedule as it is, looks fragile and we may have to find temporary place for the FDC if there are delays.

- The timing of the crate installation also contradicts with the timing of the cabling. The crates/modules have to be there, for the cables to be connected, routed and service loops made. Now the crate installation finishes at the same time when the cable installation finishes; we are not sure if and how this will work.

- The insertion of the FDC is planned for middle of November, and before that (from middle of October) we will be testing the packages extensively. No fixes can be done after the FDC is inserted. Beni listed the main items needed for the tests: trigger from scintillators (possibly a pair of paddles for each package, or just two that we will move). We need to work with up to 8 crates and Beni thinks this is the limit when using the modules that are in these crates only (ROCs, TIs). Another trigger option will be to have self-triggering from the fADC125s and F1TDCs; Fernando promised to look if this is possible. We expect the gas system to be ready by that time.


- Bill with the help of Casey, started forming/cutting the cooling tubes on package #4 to install the manifolds. The procedure worked OK (except for the thread of one manifold) with some minor modifications. The first pair was mounted after the meeting (see picture above attached).

- As it turned out at the end of last week, we have all the power needed for 126: 3-phase 208V and 110V/15A for the VXS crates. One crate with 15 F1TDCs worked with such power for many months. Since we have power for the SMC chiller it will be used for the tests with the full electronics. The chiller has been cabled already. We need also the water chiller that we borrowed from the FEL, but it needs fixes for $1.8k (PR submitted for that).

- To do the cooling system test with one cell, Bill needs ~20 pre-amp brackets (Nick may have them). Casey worked on the hardware for this test.

Tests at EEL126

- Beni is almost at the end of testing package #1 (just one more run) and promised perfect results to be presented at the next meeting.

- The plan is to get the truck tomorrow (hopefully morning) to move package #1 to Blue Crab, take the strong back and install it on package #2, then in the afternoon bring #2 for testing at EEL126.