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August 26, 2010 FDC meeting

Tentative Agenda

  1. Production
  2. Electronics: update (Fernando)
  3. Engineering
    • Cathode foil: sole source procurement status (Roger)
    • Other: rohacell gluing, cathode grounding, update from UVA
  4. Full-scale prototype tests: update (Beni)
  5. Other


Participants: Eugene, Bill, David, Mark, Casey, Roger, Christopher, Beni, Simon, and Lubomir.


- There will be two conference calls with two clean room vendors today. Bill will participate. There was a list of questions submitted to the vendors with regard to reducing the cost. Pictures of the Blue Crab property as of yesterday 08/25/10, are linked above. The accelerator people have stored there some stuff temporary.

- A budget of the FDC production (linked above) was prepared based on the Fast Track labor estimates done by Bill and Lubomir and the equipment and material list from David. This estimate does not include the electronics, gas system, support frame and is only for the work related to the production at Blue Crab. We have about $1M in the baseline for these activities (both materials and labor), but need about $1.43M for the production; so the difference is $430k in addition to the $360k that were overspent already for the FDC project. Beni asked what was underestimated in the project. Eugene: mostly the labor costs. Bill mention that some additional procurements (like for the end caps) have to be included in the budget. As soon as we have a realistic estimate for the FDC budget, Eugene suggested to formulate a change request with items indicating the number of the layers that will be produced on month by month bases.


- Christopher has created a logbook with information about the PCB tests for each board. David suggested implementing the traveler system: a data base with some parameters for each part or operation done at a certain time. He's working on the list of the parameters and needs input from everybody.


- Cathode foils: Roger communicated with Advanced Circuits and expects today an estimate. Then he will return to the procurement the forms and the information they requested. If Advanced Circuits can provide an offer, then it will no longer be a sole source procurement. If not, it will be used as an argument for the sole source procurement.

- A Rohacell ring was glued to test the procedure and the new templates and will be used for the first new design prototype. It will be laminated to the first article g10 ring (Bill expects it at the beginning of October, maybe earlier). Then we will laminate the PCBs (first article).

- There was prototyping also of the new design cathode grounding using conductive epoxy. It works except it requires a lot of epoxy which is expensive: $400 per cathode. Bill plans to try using conductive ink.

- The two granite tables are at Blue Crab, but upside down, as they were transported in this way. Mark thinks a crane is not needed, just fork lift, to put them on the legs.

- David will bring the position measurement system from UVA on Friday (08/27). We will store it in 126. Eugene and Lubomir talked to Nilanga, who promised to work on the MOU with UVA.

Full-scale prototype test

- Beni is studying the 90/10 Ar/CO2 gas mixture. He will shut down the gas during the next week, since both he and Lubomir will not be at JLab next week.


- There will be a GlueX collaboration meeting two weeks from now. Therefore, there will be NO FDC meetings for the next two weeks.