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August 8, 2013 FDC meeting


  1. Production
  2. Engineering (Bill)
    • Connector strain relief
    • Survey results
    • Other
  3. Electronics (Chris, Nick)
  4. Full electronics test FDC E-log (Beni, Vlad)
  5. Other


Participants: Eugene, Bill, Dave, Nick, Simon, Vlad, Beni, and Lubomir.


- The prototype skin for the cables (a quoter) was installed by Bill and technicians and yesterday we started cabling a quoter of the packages (see pictures linked above). The first two packages and some of the third are connected already with signal cables. What did we learn so far: the skin provides enough strain relief; it doesn't hold the cable very tight but due to the slack that in any case we need, it is OK. We need to double the number of cuts for the cable ties in order to distribute the cables more evenly. We put individual cable ties right next to the connector but then we group 4-5 cables together. It is difficult to work in the places where the rails for the mesh are, but we didn't remove them. Maybe it will be necessary in the Hall when installing the LV connector, but certainly we want to keep the rest of the cart frame for protection. The highest density/thickness of the cables is right at the first package where you have also all the cables from the other packages with some slack so that you can have access to the pre-amps there. The area at the middle rail is especially dense and most likely we will not be able to run the HV cables there (where the connectors are); we better direct them to the top, opposite to the cooling manifolds. Finally, we use a "sit &spin" toy as a cable winder: works great. By Friday the cabling will be done and we will start disconnecting the cables on Monday evening.

- Dave: moving out is going smoothly so far. The big items: we will keep the stringing granite table somewhere in the ESB. One granite table will be loan to Brian Cross, we will have to find a user for the other. The mounting jig and the tooling for the package assembly will be kept in 126. We all agreed the FDC (on a 60x80" cart) will go to 126. Beni suggested putting it on the left side of the Hall D area next to the slow control racks. There we can test it with gas and HV and even install scintillators for triggering and get some data (Beni). We will need to remove one door and move one cabinet to make space at the entrance of 126. The plan is to move the FDC on Wednesday.


- Bill is working on Al strips along the FDC bearings and the mesh needed for pulling the FDC with the cables.

- Survey: no news from Jim Dahlberg about the survey done two weeks ago.

- In the final design the FDC skin will consists of two pieces possible glued together.


- 5 out of 132 signal cables that are at Blue Crab had broken connector locks (before using them). The cables were given to Nick and Chris.

Full electronics tests

- Beni is working on an user interface that demonstrates the t0 finding procedure for the fADC125. He uses Naomi's algorithm, but modified. He is also working on an algorithm for the fADC125 that will help the estimation of the strip hit position.

- The last three runs in the tests with full electronics had bad F1TDC timing, but the strip data is OK; Beni will look into that if the wire information can be recovered. Still, before, we had good runs to be used for the wires.