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September 26, 2013 FDC meeting


  1. Installation preparations [1] (all)
  2. Engineering (Bill)
  3. Electronics (Chris, Nick)
  4. Tests in EEL126
    • New F1TDC (Beni)
  5. Other


Participants: Eugene, Fernando, Dave, Chris, Nick, Simon, Vlad, Beni, Glenn, and Lubomir.

Installation preparations

- Work on the platform in the Hall continues. The opening between the cart rails is not so wide, it will be difficult to cable the bottom of the FDC. Eugene: can't we lift the FDC during the cabling then put it back on rails? Will wait for Bill to answer, but one likely problem is the surveying that has to be done without cables. It was not clear how so many FDC cables will run below the platform perpendicular to the many trays there below the racks: the sides of these cable trays are very close to the platform.

- Fernando wanted to have a list of people that will work on the FDC cabling so that they can be trained in advance. Vlad, Lubomir, and Beni are the first in the cable list. Casey and Tina were assumed, as well, but according to Fernando they will be busy with Tom for at least the next two month. There will be also three people from FEL helping with the cabling. Vlad and Lubomir know how to connect the LV cables (there's schematic, but it's difficult to find the connectors on the detector) and only the LV connections will take at least a week. Beni: we can test the LV connection right away by looking at the current. Fernando: is it possible to connect the LV cables in advance to the FDC? Possibly, but installing/re-installing the skin will be more difficult, moving the FDC to another cart will also be difficult, and there's not enough space in 126 around the FDC. Fernando is concerned that it is not clear yet where the control equipment will be installed.

- We know now that the FDC during the installation can stay no more than 5-6 feet from the magnet. This space will be used by BCAL people to work there simultaneously with us; need to coordinate all the work with them. The watter cooling system they use for BCAL will not be done before we start cabling and will be tested while FDC is there.


- Bill was not at the meeting but sent an update before: Casey has de-burred the plastic angles for the skin, but is busy now in the Hall. We need him however to install the skin on the FDC. We need a tech to work on the mesh in ESB; all the parts including the new side support, are there.


- Fernando: full crate test of the new F1TDC is done, the crates are ready to go in the Hall. Cody is working on the crate test of the fADC125.

Tests at EEL126

- Spare package has been re-configured to test the new F1TDC, using cell #3 (all cathode and wire cards connected) and #6 (only wire card connected). Vlad did all the grounding on cell #3 and some on cell #6.

- Beni can read out the TDCs but needs a reference trigger signal for the timing. The reference that was used before in another crate with the old F1TDC doesn't work because the crates are not synchronized. Spacial cable will be made by Chris and Nick to put the trigger signal in the new F1TDC. We discussed if and how many of these trigger signals we will need in the Hall.


- No meeting next week due to the collaboration meeting.